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Mission Statement

Gem City Outdoorsmen Club promotes conservation, ensure better fishing and hunting for all, to maintain friendly relations with landowners and sportsmen, to cooperate in maintaining the proper respect for and observation of the fish and game laws. The club will promote and support education of all members and non members in the areas of hunter safety, safe firearms handling, bowhunting, conservation, fishing and any other areas of interest to outdoorsmen.​​​​

Men Hunting with Dogs
Hunting Arrows

At Gem City Outdoorsmen Club we pride ourselves on being true sportsmen. We offer a wide array of amenities from multiple archery ranges, rifle and pistol ranges with yardages for everyone, trap and sporting clays, to a fishing pond and hiking trails. We offer discounts to members on facilities rentals and shooting expenses, and all of this is still offered at an amazing rate. Come stop by and check us out or contact us with any questions you may have. We will be glad to answer them, and we know you won't be disappointed.​​


Larry Daley



 (814) 449-5777


Todd Zonna

Vice President


 (814) 323-5115

Cari Kalie



(814) 838-1744

Carm Phillips



(814) 864-9935

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