Facilities Rentals

The club house and pavilions can be rented out for your next meeting or party. We also offer winter storage rental space for those boats, rv's and summertime toys that need somewhere to go when the snow starts to fly. Below is a pricing list, and feel free to contact Carm Phillips with any questions, or to schedule a date. All facilities must be cleaned to condition they were in before event or no deposit will be refunded.
                                                                                              Members          Nonmembers         Cleanup Deposit
Main Club House                                                                      $250                    $350                          $250
Main Club House With Kitchen                                                $250                    $350                          $400
Pavilion                                                                                     $250                    $350                          $250
Large Steel Building/Pavilion                                                  $250                    $350                          $250

All fees payable in advance!