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Brand New Gate Check It Out!!!

Updated: Aug 17, 2019

With the new gate installed members have easier access to the facilities and won't have to worry about locking up after they leave.

Each member should have received their gate card by now. If not please reach out to get one.

The cards can be used through wallets or lanyards long as there isn't anything to limit the signal. If it's not working for you maybe try moving the card closer to the outside of the wallet. Using it should simple as get it close to the pad between the poles as shown:

When leaving take your time and slowly approach till you hear the signal and it slowly starts to open. See video below:

After a min the gate should start to close automatically. Don't worry there are sensors in place so it won't close when your stopped in front of it.

If you have issues using the gate please feel free to contact us.

Security camera system coming soon!

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