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Weclome to the new Gem City Outdoorsmen Club website!

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

A lot of hard work was put into making this possible building a new using It won't be hard to notice there are more pages and lots more features to explore.

What's New?

The Home page will be for short announcements and some highlighted photos during events.

Expect this Blog/News section to have articles detailing events and developments at the club. (Looking for volunteer members to help write and post content here.)

Events page now has a calendar that's tied to a google calendar anyone can view and subscribe to. Also notice the large upcoming event that will give further details on the clubs next event(s). This section would allow us to let anyone signup for an event and get an accurate number of people interested. This also allows us to update you via email in case an event has to be rescheduled or canceled. We may use Ticket generator so you can simply show up with your printed ticket already preregistered. We can also accept payments through here as well for events that require a few for entry. We may not do this for all events and will still always have the normal option available as well.

Online payment could be done for your membership renewal as well. It's still up for the directors to discuss but this could allow you to signup and have your dues auto renew yearly or simply have to manually renew. Paypal and any standard Visa/Debit/Master Cards accepted. We could have a square reader on hand and the app to simply collect your renewal on the spot. Lots of potential here I think could end up being very useful.

Range and Services pages added to show case what the club has to offer for rental or general use and as member. More pictures and video to help show size and scale of the facilities.


I added the Forum so you can talk to people about the club and engage in social discussion with other members. I encourage you to signup using any existing social media account or email. Moderators are needed and will be policed by the sites Admin me. Mods will help keep discussion civil and help with creating new boards and sections for discussions. This is a public forum for anyone to see so keep that in mind when using it. Lets make this a space for families to talk about what they would like to see at the club. As well as come together to organize events of their own. We already have an active Airgun section that's all about the building and shooting of Airguns. The member who started that section hopes to get others together to build and take place in some competitions possibly. I may start a Drone/FPV/Airsoft/Paintball sections for anyone interested in getting those things going at the club.

This section will give a more direct voice to every member and the ability to interact with directors and others. Even those that are not active members can signup to take place in discussions or ask questions before becoming a member, or even stay in touch with others at the club.

The Forum will have it's own set of rules which will be strictly enforced. Details for that will come in time but there will be a low tolerance. If the forum starts to get abused to a point it will get removed or locked down. The same goes for Moderators as well. I have access to every inch of this site and all actions will be brought up to the board of directors for discussion if issues start to occur. Random accounts get delete asap and if spam accounts start showing up the Forum will move to requiring approval and verification first. This will be to protect forum users as well as the club from unwanted activities taking place.

Help Wanted

I mentioned a few times about certain tasks we are looking for help with on the site.

Members that would like to act as Moderators for the forums are needed. They'll help create sections and moderate the forums to bring up any issues to the board or myself for action.

We are also looking for anyone that can help create content such as New/Blog posts concerning club activities. This will involve writing articles and providing pictures/video and also helping update certain parts of the site with new events or information. I think the first one will be all about the new gate that's been installed and all members now receiving a card for entry. More updates coming along soon as well.

I also encourage anyone in high school that would like to help. Their effort will also help count towards community service quotas for other clubs or graduation criteria. If kids would like to submit articles about their experiences at the club we'll gladly post them. If your kid is into photography, filming videos and/or wants to get into drones their content is welcome as well. If you had a great time as a family and would like to share a photo and short story we'd like to highlight those moments.

Grain of Salt

All of this is still up for debate and any part of what was mentioned might be left out or changed at launch.

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