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Online Membership Signup Available!!!

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

We finally have added the ability to pay for your membership online. Currently we support paypal only payments at the moment. Memberships do not renew, so each year you'll need to visit the page again and purchase a new membership. We are working on adding auto renewal so you can add/manage your payment info and cancel or unsubscribe at any time.

The benefit of this is you'll no longer need to refill out the membership form every time you wanna renew and have to find a way to submit your payment. We can track that on the site and forms can still be mailed, dropped off, or by hand submitted as normal. This feature is to help make things easier for members that wish to use it. It will not be required, just a nice addition if you so choose.

New members will need to signup and fill out all required info to ensure we can reach out to you for forms and send you membership cards in the mail. Please read the terms for details to make sure you print and fill out the membership PDF and send that to us.

Existing members will need to signup and create an account. We can verify and add you to the website as a paying member. In the future we'd like everyone to signup online and pay online to make managing memberships much easier for everyone. It's still optional as well so those that don't wanna sign up don't have too, you can continue to pay and submit as normal.

Issue signing up please contact us via chat or use the membership contact form to describe the issue you're having. Please submit all info needed for signup encase I have to recreate your info so you can sign up again. I apologize for the inconvenience but it was needed to purge bot accounts from the site. Since the site doesn't have many users it's a small price to pay and I can easily fix the issue. It just takes some time and you'll get a password reset or have the option to apply for a reset again to access your account. This is due to how Wix handles contacts vs members which is weird and causes problems for you and me.

You can also RSVP or purchase tickets for events. We hope to use this in the future for all events. This way if you join the site you can get alerts or calendar reminders for things you'd like to attend. For future events like our annual gun raffle we'll make tickets purchasable online. We'll take all those that purchase tickets and auto fill out a ticket for you. If you have all your info updated we'll be able to contact you as well if you win. This way if you live out of state or can't make it you can still participate.

It's still being worked on for any issues that come up. We are working to give members more options and nice features to use. I've opened the forums back up for logged in members and signing up is tighter to prevent bot accounts from signing up and spamming the forums.

Note I removed facebook and google logins to avoid bot accounts signing up. Seems like that's still a thing so I'm sorry but you'll have to fill out all the info and pass the bot checks. Trust me this is needed so forums isn't blasted with stupid adds.

I'm also planning to submit a new feature for users the ability to schedule for rentals. This will all be site managed and allow users to rent out buildings and areas for private events. This way there is no guessing or waiting on replies if it's available and should make approvals much faster and easier. As well as recipets auto generated for users and also for us to track usage and use the activity to improve the facilities.

If you visit the site and want to discuss anything in person feel free to come to the next meeting on Sept 21 2022 @7pm. I encourage all members or future members to come and discuss anything club related you liked. This is the best way to get things done and voice your opinion to the directors that act on your wants and suggestions.

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