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Online Memberships & Cancelation Emails

A new year is starting for memberships and for the past year we've had online payments available. If you recieved a cancelation you'll want to submit a renewal before Sept 1st. You're still a member till the new term starts Sept 1st. This is due to the limitations on configuring the sites subscription system and we've not enabled automatic renewal. If you would like to have automatic renewal voice your needs to the board during any monthly meeting. After Sept 1st we add new members and deactive cards for those that have failed to renew. You can still renew after but it will take time to reactive your gate card since it's done on a monthly basis. If you renewed before your card will remain active.

Do not fret this was done by me the Web Admin so members can renew before Sept 1st. I had to make some changes to allow multiple membership purchases and so a after a plan is canceled or over you can buy it again. This is our first year doing online payments and first time handling renewals online.

As someone who paid online you can login and go to your account menu and view "My Subscriptions" to cancel it and submit a renewal. If we enable automatic renewal this is the same place you'll manage your subscription and have access to payment methods as well. handles all the security behind your information for payments and not even Web Admin has access to any payment info. I can only cancel your membership and extend the end date if we enable the feature. Currently payments are handled through paypal and the site just connects to use it.

Paying online is simply just a way to submit a payment without cash. We track these manually to see who has paided as a new member or renewing memeber. It only affects membership if your payment failed to process.

Payment is handled through PayPal which is not managed by me the Web Admin.

Memberships are all handled by Julie Lender weather you paided online or not, they all go through her.

Thank your for taking the time to understand as we continue to improve the site and sort out issues like this. If you have an issue or question related to the web site you can always reach out using the chat in the bottom right corner to reach out.

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