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Updated: Aug 4, 2020



We all are aware of what trying and uncertain times we face these days. Our club situation is no different. Because of these times and the uncertainty to make plans and knowing what the future will bring, the Board of Directors has decided to postpone the Sportsmen’s Raffle for this year. This was a tough decision as the raffle is the Club’s major fund-raising event for the year and a good time for all that attend. Gem City Outdoorsmen Club has also faced the financial hardships that many people have faced. The Club still has bills and operational expenses to pay to maintain the opportunities the Club has to offer.

In lieu of the raffle, the Club will be offering 2021 Sportsmen Calendars in which there will be an opportunity to win a gun or cash prize everyday of 2021. The number for each day will be based on the PA Lottery Big Four midday drawing. This means calendar holders will have 365 chances and can win multiple times based on the Big Four number drawn. Calendars will be $30.00 each. The Board is asking for our members to help by purchasing 1 calendar and taking 4 to sell. Of course, you can sell more and it would be great if members could sell more.

Our club is a unique place – close to Erie and providing members with many outdoor opportunities- all with a very reasonable yearly membership fee. One of the lowest in Northwest PA. This is not the Board’s club, but the member’s club and that is why the Board is asking for your help. The Board wants to continue to provide and improve the facilities at the club. Of course, that requires revenue. Like it was stated at the beginning, the Club is no different facing the challenges of these times. How the Club comes out of these times, is up to all the members. Additional information on when and how calendars are to be distributed will be available soon. We will likely set up dates and times for members to pick up their calendars at the club. We will notify members via the website, Facebook page and a mailing to let everyone know of these dates and times. Your support is appreciated.

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